5 Tips to Store Fruits and Vegetables Longer!

Do you want to find a way to extend the shelf life of your perishables? Nothing’s worse than spending money on fruits and vegetables, only for them to go bad before you can enjoy them. Don’t let your fruits and vegetables wither away! Get the scoop on how to keep them fresh for longer by checking out our blog.We’ve got 5 surefire tips that will help you preserve produce’s peak deliciousness. 🥕🍆🍅🥒 

Keep your fruits and veggies happy by storing them dry!

Ever had a moment when you excitedly reach for your favorite fruit or veggie, only to find it’s gone all soft and squishy? Let’s avoid the disappointment, and keep those fruits and veggies smiling wide and proud, by storing them as dry as possible! When we allow moisture to lurk among our produce, it invites unwanted bacteria and speeds up the spoiling process. So, break free from soggy fruit gloom and bravely battle mushy vegetables by thoroughly drying them after washing, and using proper storage techniques like perforated bags or breathable containers. Your fruits and veggies will beam with joy (and stay deliciously crisp) when you give them the gift of a dry, happy environment!

Isolate gassy produce

Don’t let your produce crowd each other – keep them separated to maintain their individual lifespans! Apples, bananas, pears and potatoes should all have a designated spot since they tend to release ethylene gas which initiates the ripening process of everything else. However if you’re trying to speed up the maturation cycle make sure items like apples hang out together for that extra boost! Maintaining the temperature of your storage area is key for keeping those fruits and veggies happy for longer! Keeping items at an optimum temperature of around 32-45℉ will not only prevent them from getting too soft, but also prevent bacteria growth.

Time for a cool-down! Get those perfect, ripe fruits tucked away in the fridge

Did you know there’s a cool trick to make your ripe fruit like avocados, pineapple, and mangoes last a bit longer? As soon as they’re ripe, transfer them to the fridge – it’s like pressing the pause button on their ripening process! Sure, everything will go bad eventually, but this hack gives you 2 or 3 extra days of perfect fruity deliciousness. As you store your fruits and vegetables, make sure to avoid overcrowding them! When stored in a too-tight, non-breathable environment, they will spoil much faster, depriving you of their tasty goodness. Enjoy!

Keep citrus and ginger in the fridge

Ever noticed those picture-perfect bowls of lemons in stock kitchen photos? While they look attractive, they’re missing out on a happy, long-lasting citrus life in the refrigerator. The same goes for ginger and fresh turmeric root! Keep them cool and watch them thrive, remaining firm and irresistibly juicy for much longer.

When it comes to storing vegetables, it’s important to keep moisture at bay. Don’t let them sit in pools of water – dry them off thoroughly and store them in a cool place that won’t get too hot.

Use an airtight container to keep produce fresh longer

We all love to savor the taste of fresh produce, but it can be quite disheartening when fruits and vegetables start going bad before we even get the chance to enjoy them. That’s when an airtight container comes to the rescue! These incredible containers provide a simple yet effective solution for keeping your produce fresh longer. They protect delicate fruits and veggies from humidity, air, and bacteria, while also preventing the absorption of refrigerator odors. What’s more, they help to maintain the nutritional value of the items stored inside. So, ensure your palate stays delighted all week by storing your fruits and vegetables in a snug airtight container – saving both your wallet and taste buds.

Keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With our 5 surefire tips, you’ll keep them at the peak of freshness in no time! You can store dry, isolate gassy produce, cool down fruits with the help of your fridge, keep citrus and ginger always cold, and use airtight containers to extend their longevity. Enjoy your produce as if it was freshly picked with all its natural properties intact! And don’t forget to take advantage of all the fresh produce that our grocery store GalaFresh has to offer in order to make flavorful recipes – because nothing beats having ingredients at their best. So grab some GalaFresh and whip up some delicious meals today!

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